World Cancer Day  Let's Get Together

Every February 4th is the "World Cancer Day". It was initiated by the International Anti-Cancer Union UICC in 2000 to promote organizations in various countries to accelerate cancer research and development of prevention and treatment options.

Cancer is a global epidemic and occurs in all corners of the earth. Regardless of race, ethnicity and age, there is always a small risk of being affected. Today, cancer is not a death sentence and can largely be prevented and treated effectively.

Implement a healthy lifestyle.

Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle include not smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, avoiding industrial fats and trans fats, avoiding ultra-processed foods and last but not least, exercising.

Create a healthy living environment.

Together, we can reduce waste compounds and the use of plastic products and work for a clean, healthy nature and environment.

According to the World Health Organization, 40% of cancer cases can be prevented through lifestyle changes focusing on both physical and mental health.