aXimed Natural Omega-3 Salmon Oil

Consuming supplements is common nowadays, fish oil is one of the popular health supplements, however, some people are still cannot differentiate between fish oil and cod liver oil, let's find out their difference together!

Extracted from different parts of fish

Fish oil is derived from the fat of fish, and cod liver oil is extracted from the fish’s liver

Main nutrients are different

The main nutrients of fish oil are omega-3 (unsaturated fatty acid), while it is mainly fat-soluble vitamins A and D in cod liver oil

Different health-improving effects

Fish oil:

  • Omega-3 ( mainly DHA and EPA) in fish oil, is good for heart, brain, eye and joint health, it also helps to stabilize mood and improve allergic symptoms
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that omega-3 may help to maintain cardiovascular health1
  • Some premium fish oil products retain DPA, which is an anti-inflammatory component in omega-3, and also reserve astaxanthin, which is an strong anti-oxidant

Cod Liver Oil:

  • It contains vitamin A which helps maintaining vision and immunity, while vitamin D is good for bone health
  • Please be noted that vitamin A and D are common in food (such as in carrot, egg yolk, etc.), and vitamin D can also be synthesized by body after exposed to sunlight for more than 15 minutes daily. Since they are fat-soluble and are easy to be accumulated in the body, therefore, the risk of liver toxicity may be raised after long-term consumption of large amounts of cod liver oil with vitamin A and D

Fish Oil vs. Cod Liver Oil

  Fish Oil Cod Liver Oil
Source Fat of fish Fish's Liver
Main nutrients Omega-3
(Including DHA, EPA. Some premium fish oil supplements retain DPA and astaxanthin)
Vitamin A and D
Health effect Maintains heart, brain, eye and joint health, helps to relieves allergic symptoms Maintains vision, immunity and bone health


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aXimed Natural Omega-3 Salmon Oil


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